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Engineering, design, environmental, energy and fire prevention consulting services

Ev Tech is the company in the Cadel Group that specialises in the provision of engineering services, environmental, energy and fire prevention consultancy, and the design of thermal plants.

Thermal plant design

Thanks to the multidisciplinary skills of the Group, we have gained a deep and comprehensive understanding of the various types of industrial thermal systems and the reference standards; this allows us to meet the most complex customer needs, providing a high level of design quality.


  • Design of hot and superheated water, steam and diathermic oil systems
  • Design of hot air systems
  • Design of chilled water and cooling systems
  • Design of internal methane gas networks
  • Design of various types of fuel supply systems

PED/INAIL design

Do you have a hot water, superheated water, steam or diathermic oil heating system? Look carefully at the INAIL/PED declarations.
We make an inventory of your equipment in order to check compliance and expiration dates.


  • Inventory of pressure equipment
  • Drafting of documentation for reporting the commissioning of the system
  • Support for requesting periodic checks – deadlines

Energy consulting and energy monitoring systems

The energy audit is essential to highlight energy inefficiencies, which lead to failures, waste, consumption and higher emissions, but above all to indicate the appropriate technological adjustments that are essential for saving energy.
Precise energy monitoring allows you to have company consumption under control and facilitates the cost analysis of the finished product.


  • Consultancy for energy audits
  • Preparation of energy performance certificates
  • Design and installation of energy monitoring systems
  • Needs analysis and support in choosing the most efficient system

Environmental consulting

We support companies in the daily management of the paperwork for environmental permits. Through an analysis of their needs, we support our customers in choosing the most sustainable technical solutions, in drafting documents, in managing deadlines and in dealing with the competent authorities.


  • Permits for atmospheric emissions
  • Single environmental permit and integrated environmental permit
  • Drawing up of solvent management plans
  • Simulation of fallout of airborne pollutants
  • Consultancy for thermal systems
  • Single permits for co-trigeneration systems

Fire prevention consultancy and planning

Companies ask us for support in the management of fire prevention paperwork in order to comply with current regulations, avoiding making serious and expensive mistakes and not taking valuable time away from their own resources.
Our fire prevention professionals provide:


  • Drafting and filing of the Project Evaluation
  • Drafting and filing of SCIA (Certified Notification of Business Start-Up)
  • Support for periodic renewal of Fire Prevention Compliance
  • Design of active protection systems (fire hydrants, sprinklers, smoke extraction, etc.)
  • Special software for simulating the effects of fires (fire safety engineering)

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    Certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
    Design of thermal plant, processing of energy analyses and development of data acquisition systems for the purpose of remote control and remote management.